Thanksgiving on the USS Hornet (CV-12)

Posted: November 26, 2015 in World War II
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Yesterday while reading through my Twitter news feed, I came across this photograph posted by the USS Hornet Museum @HornetMuseum.  At first I thought this would be a great addition to my ancestry records as I thought that my dad would have experienced this Thanksgiving feast but in looking back at the muster rolls, my dad was transferred off on October 25, 1945.  The war with Japan was over by this time so the transition to peacetime had already begun. Even though, he would not have been on board for this event, I thought it was a fitting posting for today, Thanksgiving 2015.

Thanksgiving Menu USS Hornet CV-12 1945

  1. Old grey-haired Hippie Lady says:

    Hi Maryann, I’m Debby from and from the #A-Z Challenge. I am enjoying this blog. Have you ever visited the Hornet? I’m from the San Francisco Bay area and it is docked in Alameda, near Oakland. When we lived there, we used to go to yearly events – dances and such on the Hornet.

    My husband retired from the navy and the coast guard – he served on the USS Constitution. Our son, served on the USS Theodore Roosevelt, also a aircraft carrier.

  2. John Holton says:

    That’s quite an artifact, all done by hand and it must have taken someone a while to do. A great way to remember your father, even if he wasn’t exactly there.

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    Sharing a post from my other site.

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